Sunday, April 22, 2012

PROTOPRODUCTION is a freelance consulting service with a clear objective to assist inventors to realize their ideas. My experience of 20 years in different engineering fields, provides me a strong knowledge about how to handle technical issues during the process of definition of prototype such as: material, special processes, geometry and dimensions. Using cutting edge technology and a very exigent selection of vendors for a right process is our policy as well as to ensure a good prototype. Highest ethical confidentiality is a part our business policy as well as to provide a guarantee about prototype right author to our clients. The cycle of a product include aspects such as idea, engineering, development, prototype, marketing, and launch. PROTOPRODUCTION can help you in prototype stage prior to be launched to market this is our main capability and you won’t be disappointed about this organizational behavior.


-Technical appraisal. A preliminary evaluation about the feasibility of any project prior to support more prototypes. -Digital Model. The process of conversion in a digital model as well as to have a clear visual example of prototype and prior to be manufacture. -Support to get Physical Production of Prototype. Based on approval of digital model we can select from an ample group of vendors the best alternative for manufacturing of prototype. -Supporting for manufacturing in and deal with vendors -Material for prototypes could be: steel alloy, stainlesss steel, plastic, copper, aluminum, bronze, titanium, wood etc


Domestic inventions like, toothbrushes, ecology-pet bowl, frame to carry bicycles etc: